What is a Fitness Consultant?

A Fitness Consultant is a person, just like you, who also like you was not born with copious amounts of strength, agility, determination, will power and knowledge. We know what it is to realize there is a need to become physically active, to begin the process only to fall off a few weeks or months in, because of lack of motivation. We have been there! No one likes to stay on the same old routines, especially when you aren’t sure what you’re doing, if you’re doing it enough, or if it’s even working!

What a fitness consultant is NOT: We are not personal trainers. We don’t meet you at the gym four days a week and stand over you while you work out for hours on end. We won’t stand over you screaming encouraging messages into your ear while you try to push through another set but secretly wish an anvil would fall from the ceiling onto our heads. If you require one-on-one training, you will need a personal trainer. A fitness consultant will arm you with the tools to accomplish your goals on your own and give you all the support and knowledge to know for sure you’re on the right path.

A fitness consultant will analyze your needs, motivations, lifestyle and goals. You are unique. Your lifestyle and circumstances are unique. The job of a fitness consultant is to work with you build the program best suited to YOU. They will track your progress, let you know what you’re doing right, what you can improve on, and hold you accountable – so that you can achieve your goals. They will teach you everything you need to know to feel confident that you are embarking on a journey that will improve your physical health, but also, your emotional wellbeing. That is the part that ensures your changes are LIFE LONG.

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