Muscle Bound Fitness is very much a labour of love. It came to be, in part because of my love of exercise and nutrition, but also because of my love of helping others. I am a cheerleader of the worst kind – I’m addicted to energy and social media – which you will soon learn if you become a client of mine or follow me on twitter. This means when my friends tell me about their goals or accomplishments, I come running behind them with encouragement and support. Often utilizing half of their Facebook wall to extend that support! I’m also not afraid to share my story and my own struggles because there is always a chance that I might provide someone with that little spark they need to make the changes they wish to. In my opinion there is nothing more rewarding than helping people make positive change in their lives and there is no better way to do that than to share your own experiences.

You’ll read all about my past experiences on the next page but where am I today?

I live in Ottawa, Ontario with the most beautiful little boy ever created, my son. I am a business owner and entrepreneur, but the job I am most interested in excelling in is raising my little boy to be a good man. I’ve called Ottawa home for the past 15 years and there’s no where else I’d rather live. I’ve been a runner my entire adult life and I’ve been training for the past 5 years. I often refer to myself as a part-time hippie, in that I live as holistically as I reasonably can, from food to body products. I believe that a healthy body is a happy body therefore I am a big advocate of chiropractic care and sport massage as well as many other body and mind maintenance practices. I’m also blessed to have many of these practitioners in my circle of friends and would happily make referrals, should you require them.